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Finding the Right Partner to Expand into Hawaii Freight—and Grow Your Business

As a 3PL, you may be working with your clients on their LTL/FTL, air, rail, and intermodal freight, but maybe you haven’t yet gone after delivering freight to Jones Act locations like Hawaii. (Or perhaps you’ve dipped your toes into this market in the past and gotten burned by unreliable partners!) Adding new freight destinations through partnerships can offer your business considerable benefits. First of all, it allows you to rapidly expand your own capabilities while skipping the steep learning curve that new destinations can entail. That’s especially true for a destination like Hawaii, where you’re dealing with four different islands, each with their own […]

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The Surprising Factor Impacting Supply Chains: Consumer Expectations

Some call it the “Amazon effect.” Others simply note that as eCommerce matures, consumers have gotten increasingly used to getting what they want—when they want it—contributing to an overall rise in expectations across the board. Either way, it’s becoming clear that consumer expectations are impacting supply chains—and not always in the ways you’d expect. In this article, we’ll share 14 customer experience statistics that can (or should!) influence the way many supply chains run. One note: Even though your business may not sell direct to consumers, it still may feel the ripple effect from these expectations. For example, if you supply a business that sells […]

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5 Supply Chain Certifications to Take Your Career to the Next Level

Continuing education is an important element for succeeding in any career. Working in logistics and supply chain management is no different. Honing your skills and keeping them sharp as new trends and technologies emerge will keep you at the top of your field. Going the extra mile and pursuing a certification in supply chain management can give your career even more momentum. Adding a designation to your resume demonstrates a long-term commitment to your field, which can make you more marketable to a potential employer. Additionally, a well-respected certification can offer greater opportunities for promotions and salary bumps at your current job. Finally, continuing education […]

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