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4 Strategies to Combat Ongoing Supply Chain Challenges in 2021

Although last year’s scramble for household items has mostly passed, supply chain challenges continue to crop up in 2021. The backup at US ports, semiconductor chip shortages, and other supply issues have affected industries across the board. Even national chains like Starbucks and Chick-Fil-A are feeling the pinch.  We’ve seen our customers face several supply chain challenges of their own this year, and we’ve helped them create solutions that kept their businesses moving forward. To share some of these solutions with you, we called on our Approved experts who have been navigating supply chain issues alongside our clients. Below, you’ll find their top tips for surviving the supply chain challenges of 2021.  #1: It Might […]

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Logistics Terms Made Easy: What Is a 3PL? 

It’s something thousands of people ask Google every month, and, if you’re not in the freight/logistics industry, it’s not really common knowledge. So we’re here to clear up the answer to this frequently asked question:  What is a 3PL?  In addition to explaining exactly what a 3PL company is, we’ll also take you on a quick tour of what a 3PL does—and how they can help you with your business logistics. Let’s dive in!  What Is a 3PL?  3PL is actually an acronym that stands for 3rd–Party Logistics. When someone hires a 3PL company, they’re turning over their logistics—including things like warehousing and fulfillment—to a third party. That third party, the 3PL, is a company […]

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