Hazardous materials freight services
Expertise and experience in shipping and handling all DOT hazard class materials

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End-to-end 3PL solutions for companies of all sizes

Approved has both the expertise and experience required to ship hazardous materials (such as gasses, corrosive chemicals, and flammable liquids) across the world.

But shipping hazardous materials requires more than just expertise — it requires certification from the government at multiple levels and along each step of the way.

Unlike many freight providers, Approved is certified to transport and warehouse hazardous freight and can help you throughout, from the preparation of materials for shipment at their point of origin to disposal at their final destination.

Safe transport of hazardous materials starts with smart planning and project management, and Approved will assign you an account manager to help you from start to finish. We have experience in securely moving cargo within all the US Department of Transportation’s hazard classes.

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Best practices and common pitfalls

Whether being transported by ocean, air, or over the road, hazardous materials are not like other shipments that require “special handling” as there are regulations in place at most every level: not following these regulations to the letter can not only be dangerous, but can result in fines that can ruin a business. Nothing stifles profit like an unplanned and costly penalty.

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Before beginning to prepare hazardous materials for transport, talk to one of Approved’s certified shipping consultants about best practices. In the case of materials that may be radioactive, poisonous, or otherwise toxic, safety is both job #1 and step #1.

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Reducing risk, driving ROI

At Approved, we have teams with the hazmat knowledge, skills, and certifications to transport your shipment to its final destination safely, securely, and in accordance with hazardous materials regulations — always focused on a course of action that reduces risk for our customers and the environment.

Additionally, our teams are freight experts who can uncover the best shipping routes, help get your paperwork in order, and generally optimize the experience to help you enjoy a greater return on investment.

Which is why we don’t just take you from port to port, but also offer a wide range of specialty services including transportation management, container drayage, delivery and pickup, and short- or long-term storage at our certified warehouses.

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From start to finish

When you’re looking for a partner to safely and completely transport hazardous cargo, look to Approved as we’re one of the few freight companies that offers a start-to-finish solution for hazardous materials transportation.

And because of our years of experience in moving this kind of cargo, and our relationships with both 3rd party service providers and government agencies at all levels, we are able to offer some of the most competitive rates in the market.

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