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Retail Freight Services

Retailers today face challenges like never before as consumers know that if it’s not in-stock at your stores, they “can always find it online” (and usually from someone else.) And in most every case, “it” means anything at all: clothing, home goods, car parts, groceries, perishables — most every product can now be delivered to their doorstep.

Keeping pace with this new normal means optimizing your supply chain to both reduce your overall costs and to make certain that your stock keeps up with your customers’ demands.

A fully stocked storefront will always be a competitive advantage and help ensure you don’t lose a single purchase to a competitor, online or off. Approved’s team of retail supply chain management and logistics professionals can help improve operational efficiencies, speed delivery to your storefronts, and let you focus on personalized customer service (where no online retailer can truly compete), rather than worry about “what’s in stock.”

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Similar challenges, singular solutions

In every retail environment, no matter what’s being sold, the biggest challenge is most often margins.

There are costs in manufacturing, packaging, storing, and shipping goods. There are the human resources required at each point along the way, from delivering raw materials to a factory, to assembling goods, to putting finished products in a customer’s hands. At every step, there’s a bite out of your margins.

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A responsive retail supply chain

In the end, optimizing inventory management and the overall retail supply chain is about collecting the data and being able to act on it in real-time. Approved delivers reporting throughout every stage of every shipment, and offers solutions to address every challenge (e.g., compliance, customs, sorting and segregating, “last mile” delivery from your warehouse to storefront, and more).

We can make adjustments on the fly, and help speed the delivery of your cargo, whether it’s being shipped by sea, land, or air. Additionally, at our secure warehousing facilities, we can report on your goods (not just at the container level or pallet level, but at the crate level), making sure your stores can quickly restock when needed.

Approved will help keep your supply chain moving efficiently to meet current demand, and keep it flexible and responsive enough to meet changes in future demand as well. Let your team focus on your customers and Approved will focus on your cargo.

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