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Are You Making These Mistakes When Importing From China? 

Since 2008, imports from China to the United States are up a staggering 59.7%. In fact, the country has become the U.S.’s largest goods trading partner, with imports of electrical machinery, furniture and bedding, toys and sports equipment and plastics leading the charge. We’ve certainly seen a rise in new companies getting into this market. While many take advantage of the Amazon platform to sell these imported goods, we’ve also seen several companies establish their own websites.   If you’re new to importing goods from China—or you’d like to get in on this nearly $560 billion-dollar market—there are a couple of common mistakes you’ll want to avoid. We’ll show you the six we see most often. By […]

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Shippers, Carriers and Consignees: Understanding All the Parties on Your Bill of Lading 

When it comes down to it, ordering and shipping freight requires a certain level of trust:   Trust that a supplier will send the goods he or she promised, in good condition.  Trust that the steamship line, truck or van line or airline will move those goods to the best of their ability, handling the freight with care.  Trust that the purchaser will receive and pay for the goods, as agreed.  That being said, all of this trust is backed up by a legal agreement between these three parties, which is documented on a bill of lading (BOL).    If you’ve ever looked at your bill of lading, you’ll see three parties named on the document. If you’re new to the logistics world, these terms […]

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Prepping Air Freight Pallets – 6 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Pallets can make it much easier to handle and transport your goods traveling via air freight, as is the case with goods shipping via ocean freight. Additionally, freight that’s placed on a pallet can be moved without touching the actual goods themselves, reducing the possibility of damage.   That being said, incorrectly prepping your palletized freight puts it at high risk during transit. In order to decrease the possibility of damage to your goods, we’ve put together a list of the most common mistakes we see in palletized air freight. We’ll also share our solutions to help you correct these mistakes. By reviewing this list, you’ll set the stage for ensuring that your shipment reaches its destination in perfect condition—and on time.  Mistake #1: Overpacking Your Shipment  When you’re preparing your air freight shipments, […]

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The Holiday Supply Chain: 11 Fascinating Things You Didn’t Know

During the holidays, merchants expect to do nearly 20-30% of their annual revenue, so it’s no wonder that things are getting busy! During the final weeks of the year, transit times for shipments increase as trucks, trains and steamships are packed to capacity. Each year, the holiday supply chain stretches to meet increased demand. And everyone from shippers to carriers to retailers and manufacturers hopes to make their customers happy—and keep revenue flowing.  To help you stay in the spirit during the holiday season, we’ve put together a list of 11 surprising facts that you might not have realized about holiday logistics. Enjoy—with our wishes for a smooth and successful holiday season!  Fact #1: 35 million Christmas trees are harvested each year in the United States.  That’s about one Christmas tree for […]

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If You Fit These 3 Criteria, You Need to Consider Adding Rail Freight to Your Logistics Plan 

Careful management of your supply chain means analyzing each link to uncover new strategies that can give you an edge. When it comes to moving supplies and finished products, rail could be worth a look. In specific cases, transitioning from trucking to rail can offer your organization several advantages, including good transit times at lower rates. (More on the benefits of rail in a moment!)   However, not all organizations will benefit equally from rail. Those that stand to benefit the most share three criteria:  Criteria #1: You Have Access to a Rail Spur  Moving freight exclusively by rail—as opposed to an intermodal solution—allows you to take full advantage of all that rail transport has to offer. This includes leveraging the additional capacity that rail cars can handle, both in terms of weight and volume.  However, […]

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What Does It Mean When a Freight Agent Delivers Your Shipments? 

When you’re selecting a freight forwarder or shipper, you might notice that they use “agents” in certain destinations to make the final delivery of your freight. This can be especially prevalent in far-flung places like Hawaii and Guam.  Before deciding on a forwarder, you should know that using agents can have three potential areas of impact on your business. To help you make a well-informed decision, we’ll walk you through each one of them so you can see how delivery from an agent might affect your operations.  But, first, let’s walk through the role of an agent so you can understand how it works—and why a forwarder might use an agent in the first place.  When a freight forwarder or shipper doesn’t […]

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