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Freight Shipping to Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, and International

Looking for a long-term freight forwarder, one who can deliver freight to/from Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, or internationally? Approved Freight Forwarders can take you beyond the continental US with global freight solutions designed to maximize efficiencies, while reducing your costs—and your risk.

We have access to global resources to move freight internationally, as well as local assets and teams in Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico. We’ll start by taking a holistic look at all the aspects of your freight—dimensions, weight, mode of transportation, shipping class, timing, and more. Our goal: to optimize your cargo flow and eliminate waste, while doing our part to ensure your cargo arrives in impeccable condition.

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Comprehensive Freight Solutions: From Local Islands to Global Destinations

With teams, warehouses, and fleets on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and both sides of the Big Island, we can get your freight anywhere in Hawaii—on time and on budget.

We deliver the flexible, nimble, and cost-effective freight solutions that keep your Puerto Rico supply chain running smoothly.

End-to-end global freight solutions are our specialty, paired with our signature customer support and attention to detail.

Because we’re not restricted by set contracts or allotments, we can connect you with some of the most flexible air freight options available.

Your Trusted Los Angeles Freight Forwarder: From Planning to Freight Delivery

Your Freight Is in Safe Hands

Freight damage is costly, not just in terms of money but also in terms of time and hassle. We’ve long cultivated a culture of proactive safety at our Los Angeles terminal. This, in turn, has contributed to our industry-leading loss and damage record—all of which means that you can trust your cargo to us. Our team of shipping professionals always puts safety and security first to ensure that your cargo arrives undamaged and on schedule.

Optimizing Your Freight and Operations

We start by taking a deep dive into our customers’ logistics flow to uncover new opportunities to optimize operations. Our team has shown our customers ways to reduce transit times, lower inventory carrying costs, reduce out-of-stock scenarios, lower labor and storage costs, and minimize the overall landed cost of inventory items. We’re passionate about creating the efficiencies that keep your costs as low as possible, without sacrificing your timelines or your inventory levels.

A True Logistics Partner

As a top 100 3PL provider, we can cover you from the initial planning stages of your freight all the way to final offloading. We can also deliver a full suite of logistics services, such as warehousing, distribution, trucking, and transportation management. We have both the flexibility and experience to serve the full range of your freight and logistics needs.

Trust the Experts to Move Your Freight, Safely and Cost-Effectively

If we are shipping to Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, or internationally, we can deliver a freight solution to match your goals, your timeline, and your budget. As your freight forwarder, our mission is to provide you with the end-to-end solutions that save you time and money—and free you up to focus on your business, rather than your freight.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Freight & Logistics Services

Yes, in the logistics industry, freight can refer to the cost paid to a carrier for transporting goods. (“The supplier paid the freight to move the shipment to California.”)

Freight can also refer to the goods themselves. (“The freight was stored in the warehouse after it was delivered.”)

To learn more logistics and freight industry terms, check out our Approved Transportation Glossary.

Freight can move by several modes of transportation, including ocean freight (by ship), air freight (by plane), road freight (by truck), and rail freight (by train).

Depending on your origin and destination points, ocean freight can be an economical way to move freight across long distances, as can rail freight. Air freight is often the most expensive way to move freight, but it’s also the fastest.

If you’d like to learn more about pricing freight, check out our articles on the topic:

In the transportation industry, logistics refers to all the activities involved with moving goods to customers. For example, if you’re shipping goods from a supplier in China to the mainland US, moving those goods to the nearest sea port, transporting them via steamship line, and then picking up the goods at the port and delivering them to a wholesale warehouse would all be considered logistics.

The three types of logistics are:

A third-party logistics (3PL) provider is a company that provides logistics services for another business. A 3PL might provide services such as warehousing, distribution, inventory management, sorting and segregating, and transportation management.

The companies that contract with 3PLs essentially outsource their supply chain and logistics activities to the 3PL, rather than handling them in house.

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