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Less-than-Container Load

For more than two decades, Approved has been providing reliable less-than-container load (LCL) freight shipping for cargo that doesn’t require an entire 40’ or 45’ steamship container.

Before you spend on shipping a full container load (FCL), let us help you determine if that’s even necessary. Often, we find our customers are shipping full containers when they are only using 70% – 80% of space. And wasted space is wasted money.

We’ll examine the size, weight, and density of your cargo and help you determine the best path for shipping it overseas, whether you’re shipping freight to Hawaii from the mainland US, to or from Guam or Alaska, or anywhere in the world.

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A cost-saving freight service

There’s no shipment Approved can’t handle, from a single pallet of pillows to a container loaded with heavy manufacturing machinery, we have the teams, the equipment, the experience, and the expertise required to ship your cargo most anywhere in the world.

And throughout the process, you’ll enjoy proactive real-time reporting on where your cargo is during transit, enabling you and your team to better prepare for its arrival.

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Improve and expedite delivery and pickup

If you’re doing FCL shipping — especially if you’re a business that has customers who rely on fast, flexible shipping according to their own schedules rather than yours — you may have occasionally encountered a challenge or two in delivery and pickup.

Oftentimes, a container used in an FCL shipment must be returned to a port within about a week. This can create a relatively short window of time in which to deliver goods to customers, and some customers may require that a delivery appointment be set in advance, or they otherwise may not always be able to fit you in.

However, LCL shipments usually make an additional stop for deconsolidation (Approved can handle this for you as well), which gives you more time to both connect with customers and to get your goods to their final destination. You’ll have a steady stream of inventory to keep your shelves stocked and your customers satisfied.

LCL freight is ideal for the business that requires flexibility in how often and how much cargo it ships overseas, and in how — and, as importantly, when — it delivers cargo to its storefronts and job sites.

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Streamlining storage with LCL freight

Not every business has room for the contents of an FCL on site, or the resources to warehouse those contents indefinitely.

For example, if you’re shipping freight to or from Hawaii — where Approved and its sister company Royal Hawaiian Movers have nearly 80 years of combined experience — you know that storage space can be hard to find and not always cost-effective.

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Predictable costs and a proven partner

Shipping freight overseas can be costly — most everyone knows this. However, many commercial enterprises are often surprised to learn that LCL costs are typically more predictable than FCL costs. Talk to one of our consultants about the weight and volume of one of your typical shipments and we’ll help determine if LCL is the right fit.

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