Food and beverage logistics services
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Food & Beverage Logistics Services

If you’re in the food supply and services industry, you know that delays can equal disaster. Some food can quickly spoil, and that can be far more than just an inconvenience for your customers… because spoilage can be downright dangerous for your customers’ customers.

Approved has the teams, trucks, experience, and expertise to address all your food and beverage logistics and shipping needs, helping you deliver the highest quality products and items to your customers at the best possible value for your company.

From maintaining food grade facilities, to proper loading, consolidation, and transportation, our reliable and cost-effective solutions are a custom fit for your needs, and are unmatched in depth, breadth, and overall value by our competitors.

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Fine-tuning the consumables supply chain

In addition to providing freight experts with deep experience in the safe and expeditious shipping and handling of food and beverages, the team you work with at Approved includes supply chain management and logistics professionals.

We focus on every step in your supply chain, adhering to the highest standards of service and taking all proper precautions to ensure your food and beverage products maintain their highest quality throughout the supply chain.

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We know “fresh” is more than just marketing

The restaurant business can be as complicated as it is competitive. Most every outlet touts “fresh” as a signature quality, which is a great thing for diners and other customers, but can often be a nightmare for managers and owners. Eggs, milk, vegetables, meats: their freshness is ensured only if your food and beverage logistics are managed perfectly.

Approved has proven experience in speedy delivery from farm to table: we keep things moving through a combination of industry-specific shipping and tracking tools, and overall freight experience (which helps us provide you with shipping routes and methods that are both time- and cost-effective).

And in cases where cold storage and/or shipping is required, Approved will work with you to find the best solution and create a “continually cold” supply chain — from the moment your perishables are first picked up until they’re delivered to their final destination.

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You plan the menus; we’ll plan the logistics

Every food and beverage shipping and logistics project begins with a detailed analysis of your business needs, both current and future. You’ll enjoy a dedicated account manager with experience in food logistics and supply chain management who will assess the best means of shipping, and map out the fastest routes.

In addition to helping ensure a cost-effective, time-saving, and safe pickup and delivery plan for your perishable and/or otherwise consumable cargo, the team at Approved will provide real-time reporting as well. You’ll always know where your cargo is and when it will arrive.

Approved also is completely up-to-speed with the latest requirements and regulations put in place by the FDA. We will ensure that your shipment meets or beats every standard, from start to finish, and handle every paperwork or processing deliverable.

Just like individual recipes call for the right mix of ingredients, your food and beverage supply chain needs call for a special recipe as well. And the first ingredient is Approved.

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