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Transporting and installing medical equipment is an intricate endeavor that requires experience at the project management, shipping, delivery, and assembly stages.

Whether you’re relocating an entire healthcare operation or moving MRI systems, laboratory equipment, X-ray machines, or other highly sensitive, high-value medical equipment, Approved has the expertise required to ensure your equipment gets where it needs to be: safely, cost-effectively, and according to your exact timeframe.

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Medical Equipment Logistics Services
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An experienced provider, and a custom fit

With years of experience in medical equipment transportation and installation, our staff can address your needs from start to finish.

We serve as your project manager and installer, working alongside vetted experts to ensure the careful handling and correct installation of sensitive medical equipment. The entire project — from preparing equipment for shipping at your point of origin to installing at your final destination — will be customized to meet your specific needs, and to cause as little disruption as possible to your day-to-day business.

Our expertise in the industry means that we can also help identify any challenges that may arise and provide innovative “white glove” solutions to address them. We will also coordinate the removal and transportation of old equipment to your desired destination.

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Transportation of medical supplies, machines, and more

There is no medical or healthcare-industry related cargo we can’t safely ship. Our teams have experience in everything from CT scanners to hospital beds to medical supplies to office equipment.

We offer multiple shipping options as well, from FCL (full container loads) to LCL (less than container loads) consolidations, which can improve cost efficiencies, to shipping individual pieces of equipment on flatbed trucks. And every Approved shipment of medical equipment is always completely secured, tracked and monitored, and in complete compliance with industry regulations.

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Secure, safe shipping practices and policies

At Approved, we understand how each piece and parcel of medical equipment often has unique requirements in how it’s prepared for shipment, how it’s secured for shipment (on-board a truck, ocean liner, or airplane), and how it’s unloaded, unwrapped, and installed.

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Whether you require flatbed service for heavy or oversized medical equipment, or climate-controlled shipping for temperature-sensitive materials, or ongoing electrical power for equipment that can’t be shut down during transport, Approved has a solution.

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