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Hospitality Logistics Services

If you’re in the hospitality industry, you know that it’s all about the guests: Did they enjoy their stay? Would they come back again? Did they have everything they needed?

With Approved’s hotel logistics, and hospitality supply chain management and freight shipping services, you can rest assured that you will have everything YOU need to ensure your guests have everything THEY need.

With dozens of years of experience and hundreds of happy customers in the hospitality industry, Approved is the ideal hotel logistics and supply chain management partner for hotel and motel managers, event center owners and operators, and anyone whose job it is to treat strangers as guests.

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Logistics for renovations, expansions, and grand openings

Approved has deep experience in the hospitality industry, and countless satisfied customers.

We offer complete hotel logistics, hospitality supply chain management, and freight forwarding solutions across the entire sector, and handle every related task: project management/scoping, wrapping/loading at pickup, offloading/unpacking at delivery, and so much more.

  • Do you need shipment, delivery, assembly, and installation of furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) at a new hotel? We have experienced teams and proven partners that can handle every task.
  • Do you require secure storage of assets or cargo before, during, or after a renovation? We have warehouses on Hawaii, Guam, Alaska, all along the West Coast, and through Approved partners across the word.

We expertly manage and coordinate your shipments from start to finish, maximizing time and efficiency while mitigating cost, all while providing an array of innovative and affordable solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of every customer.

Dedicated expertise at every level

The hospitality industry not only has unique logistics needs — it has MANY of them. In addition to FF&E, many of our customers require shipment and/or storage of food and beverages, wine and spirits, exercise equipment, construction equipment, and a whole lot more.

To best serve our customers in hotels, motels, and facilities across the world, we have developed specialized supply management practices that are “content-specific.” The logistics in handling wine and spirits, for example — the paperwork alone! — are wildly different than what’s required to ship and store FF&E. We pay attention to, and have experience in, addressing every detail of each shipment.

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5 star hotels, interstate motels, bed and breakfasts: Approved keeps the supply chain moving everywhere

Whether you’re running a chain of international five star hotels or a two bedroom bed and breakfast, Approved can help with all your logistics and supply chain management needs, from all-new furniture to the commodities every hotel needs delivered regularly (toilet paper, cleaning supplies, sheets, etc.).

We’ll create a custom plan for your business, paying special attention to: Best-in-class logistics practices that put your business first (i.e., any and all work will be done in a timeframe that least impacts your business and guests).

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