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Full service global logistics

Do you have logistics needs that span the globe and often require more than just transportation of cargo by land, sea, and air?

Do you need real-time data and proactive project management to improve supply chain management processes, both improving throughput and reducing overhead costs?

Do you have shipping and supply chain management operations that require everything from the initial planning to warehousing and distribution?

Approved is a 3PL (third-party logistics) and freight services company that can partner with you on every element of shipping cargo across the world: from nation to nation, from islands to mainlands, from state to state, and from person to person.

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Warehousing & Distribution

Warehousing & Distribution



Final Mile

Final Mile

Transportation Management


A complete suite of logistics services

Approved handles all aspects of logistics management, bringing efficient and cost-effective execution within all points in your supply chain.

Leading companies in every industry have partnered with Approved for decades.. We have served most every market in both the private and public sectors, and most every size organization, from Fortune 500s to individual entrepreneurs.

Current logistics service offerings include:

  • Warehousing & Distribution
    Including state-of-the-art security and comprehensive inventory control systems that provide insight into your stock.
  • Transloading
    Most operations require multiple modes of transporting cargo, so we provide simple services for them all, moving cargo between road, rail, air, or sea.
  • Final Mile
    Getting your goods picked up or delivered at the first or final mile can be a challenge. Approved makes it easy with teams of shipping and logistics experts that manage every step.

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The missing link in your supply chain

Most companies are experts in addressing the needs of their customers. And they know what goods need to go where and when. What most companies need help with is simply how to make that happen. That’s where Approved gets involved.

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Our team of shipping and logistics experts will develop and manage a plan that meets your exact business needs, and slots perfectly into your existing supply chain management processes. (The last thing anyone wants from their logistics and shipping services provider is an attempt to reinvent the wheel.)

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Logistics solutions for land, sea, and air

With oversight of everything from delivery vans to steamships, Approved will create and execute a diversified transportation plan for your cargo that maximizes your investment and keeps your business needs front and center.

Whether you require the immediacy of air freight, or the cost-efficiencies of ocean freight, or a mix of both with rail and over-the-road transportation included as well, our team can provide both the strategic guidance and tactical execution that ensures your cargo is transported securely and cost-effectively.

Strategic guidance on logistics can extend from very high-level (e.g., insights on best practices) to more hands-on development and execution of your shipping operations with transportation management and distribution. Our experience extends to executing the paperwork and other processes often required by customs houses across the world.

And when it comes to putting your plan into action, Approved is there, too, with decades of tactical experience “in the trenches,” helping move cargo quickly and completely through every step in the supply chain: from warehouse to port, from port to port, port to warehouse, all the way to its final destination.

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Global resources, global support — with a local touch

Approved is part of The DeWitt Companies, which has more than 80 years of experience in shipping cargo all over the world.

Our sister companies, including Royal Hawaiian Movers, Royal Alaskan Movers, and DeWitt Guam, are able to provide the local touch in pickup and delivery services in their respective regions. The challenges inherent in being a logistics services provider in these hard to reach and navigate parts of the world have translated into freight shipping optimization methodologies Approved applies to even the smallest cargo traveling the shortest distance.

Don’t settle for a logistics partner that can only get you part-way there: Approved is a supply chain management partner that takes you from start to finish, offers warehousing and drayagetransloading, project management and more, connecting your business with specialized expertise at every step along the way.

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