3PL and supply chain services for the automotive industry
Transporting vehicles, parts, supplies, FF&E, and more — everything to keep an automotive business moving

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Auto Industry Logistics Services

The automotive industry is run on precision and efficiency — your automotive logistics and supply chain management services provider should be fueled by those qualities, too.

Approved is a global leader in freight forwarding, supply chain management, and third-party logistics (3PL) solutions. We can meet every need you may have with a solution custom-fit not just to the automotive vertical market, but to your specific business requirements.

From the consolidation of parts and pallets, to managing inventory, to sorting and segregating — all the way from the manufacturer to the dealership — Approved keeps automotive freight moving.

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Moving and monitoring your freight

Approved offers both the regional and international expertise required to move cargo quickly and securely across state lines and international borders. And our team is fully versed in all legal regulations and requirements, and will be able to handle all customs paperwork and processes for you with ease.

And while getting cargo from point A to point B is always job #1 in automotive freight and logistics, real-time monitoring and reporting on the location and security of that cargo is easily job #2.

With Approved, you will enjoy a dedicated account manager who will keep you precisely informed on where your cargo is and exactly when it will arrive, thereby ensuring your assembly lines and retailers stay stocked.

Our monitoring and reporting services will help teams on all sides of your business prepare for incoming parts and equipment, and enable you to keep your colleagues, customers, and stakeholders completely up to speed.

“Bumper to bumper” service: shipping, pickup and delivery, storage, and more

We’re proud to support the automotive industry with top-to-bottom logistics and supply chain management services. It starts with a detailed analysis of your current business needs and forecasting of those to come.

Then, your project manager will present an array of freight and, if needed, secure storage solutions for your cargo. Shipping options include FCL (full container loads), LCL (less than full container loads in which your cargo is packed with other cargo headed for the same destination), pallets, and loose freight.

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Keeping you competitive

There are some generally “fixed costs” across the automotive industry: raw materials (aluminum, steel, plastics, etc.), equipment and tools, human resources, etc.

One area in which an automotive manufacturer can drive tremendous and immediate improvements — and get a jump on the competition — is in supply chain management. Approved has deep experience in optimizing the supply chain across most every vertical market, and across most every global market, too.

We’ll leverage that experience to help you reduce costs and improve turnaround times in moving materials to the manufacturing houses, and the finished product(s) to the dealerships and consumers. You focus on building a more efficient automobile and we’ll focus on building a more efficient supply chain.

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