Office equipment pickup and delivery services
Wrapping, packing, shipping, assembling, and installing: Approved can help provide a complete solution

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End-to-end 3PL solutions for companies of all sizes

Relocating or opening new offices is hard enough without having to worry about transporting and installing office equipment. Focus on your business and leave your office equipment moving needs to Approved!

No matter what kind of office equipment you may be needing or moving — desks, wide-format printers, racks of servers, desktop PCs, or other furniture, fixtures, and equipment — and no matter where you may be moving to or from, Approved can help you get done from square one.

Our shipping and installation experts will do the heavy lifting (and assembling and installing through sister and partner companies) while you take care of your day-to-day business.

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Office Project Management Services
We Can Help You With

From planning to completion

Your project starts with a free consultation to assess your what you’ll be moving, when, and where. Then we plan your move in a way that causes the least possible disruption to your business.

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You will be assigned a project manager as your point of contact throughout the project, overseeing every aspect of the move, and as a liaison between your staff and our moving teams. The team we provide will have extensive experience in moving office equipment, whether your move takes you across the country, around the world, or just down the hall.

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An expert team – from the office to the field

Moving a business is unlike most moves because if anything goes wrong or if there are any delays, operations can be impacted and that impacts the bottom line.

With Approved as your business moving partner, you benefit from a provider with both deep experience and complete accountability: we will oversee your complete move to reduce risk and improve service across the board.

It starts (and ends) with granular project management:

  • every route we take — land, sea, or air — will be carefully reviewed by your project manager and selected to ensure 1) security, 2) timeliness and 3 cost-efficiency;
  • every piece of moving equipment we will use will have been inspected and optimized to ensure your cargo arrives intact and fully operational;
  • and every team member we assign will have the expertise required to get your office equipment delivered and installed completely and according to your schedule.
A logistics provider you can count on

Approved has moved hundreds of commercial customers all across the US, from Hawaii to the mainland and back, and across the globe, and understands that your business comes first. Which is why every office equipment moving project is treated as a logistics project.

We scope every aspect with an eye on security, speed, and efficiency. E.g, what’s the most cost-effective way to ship your desks, chairs, and other office furniture? A dedicated FCL (full container load) or consolidate with other shipments as an LCL (less than container load)?

Does it make sense to warehouse some equipment? If so, what and where? What kind of installation needs and skill-sets are required, and when? We leave no logistics question unasked or unanswered, and we will create a plan that matches the needs of your business to a “T.”

Approved offers the complete package for any and all office equipment moving needs. We can plan, pack, crate, wrap, load, ship, unload, store, deliver, assemble, and install. You don’t need anyone else when you choose Approved.

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