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from other 3PL and freight forwarding companies

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In the third-party logistics and freight forwarding business, there is a basic expectation of every provider: a customer’s cargo will arrive on-time and intact.

Meeting that expectation is a given when you choose Approved. But what really creates “The Approved Experience” is:

Our People | Our Process | Our Value, and Our Values

Approved people: local experts with global knowledge.

With direct access to ports in Los Angeles, Guam, Hawaii, and Alaska — and partners across the globe — Approved is the rare 3PL provider that can offer teams of professionals that both know the infrastructure of the industries they serve as well as they know the ocean routes the steamships sail, and the roads our trucks travel.

This comes, simply, from experience. We have been serving the freight forwarding and supply chain management needs of most every vertical market for more than 20 years, and some of our team members have been with us from day one.

We train every staff member in the fine art of listening: from the very first phone call, we listen to your needs and challenges; we listen to your input as we offer a project plan to address those needs; we listen to your feedback during and after the plan is executed.

With Approved, we don’t set-up a “sales call” we have a conversation centered on collaboration.

The Approved process: A Complete Service

We learned long ago that what most of our customers were looking for was not simply freight forwarding, or ocean freight shipping, or a warehouse to store some goods. What they wanted was a complete service, an immersive process that would address every single logistics and supply chain management need they had… and we listened.

Over the years, we have added services such as project management, white-glove delivery, assembly and installation, drayage, pickup and delivery, consolidation and deconsolidation, sorting and segregation, inventory management, and most every conceivable freight and logistics service required along the supply chain.

Our goal was to create a one-stop-shop for businesses of all sizes shipping cargo of any kind (commercial goods, FF&E, medical equipment, heavy machinery, hazardous materials — you name it) anywhere in the world.

And through our own hard work, teams, and tech, and an ever-growing network of Approved partners, we have accomplished that goal, and our customers are saving time and money as a result.

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Our Value, and Our Values

In addition to cargo arriving on-time and intact, there is another expectation most every customer has of their 3PL partner and freight forwarder: value.

Every day, your Approved team is looking for ways to increase the overall value you enjoy from our services.

For example, suppose you’re shipping FF&E from the mainland to Hawaii. Some companies will simply offer you a container for price X, whether you use all the space in that container or not.

But at Approved, your project manager will present a wide array of options that ensure you’re not paying for shipping space you’re not going to be using.

Perhaps consolidating your goods with other cargo in an LCL (less than container load) shipment would be best? Or we can store goods until you have a full container load? Maybe you need timely pick-ups and have a tight delivery window? More ways to ship and store cargo means more ways to uncover value for our customers.

And with Approved, you will also enjoy value by using one 3PL partner from start to finish. In many cases, it’s the same basic team that’s transporting your cargo from pickup at its point of origin to delivery at its final destination. That means improvements in reporting and communication, reductions in handling and, therefore, shipping times and costs, and increased value.

At Approved, “value” is more than just a number. This company was built on a simple set of values: in every Approved workplace — from the executive offices to the loading docks — the goal has always been to create an atmosphere conducive to building trusting and loyal relationships, with each other and with each and every customer.

Our focus on transparency in our pricing, processes, and policies supports these values and is a cornerstone in helping Approved become, and remain, a world-class freight forwarding and logistics company.

And that’s what creates The Approved Experience…