Sorting and segregation services
Granular tracking, shipping, storing, and inventory management

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End-to-end 3PL solutions for companies of all sizes

If you’re looking for faster shipping and distribution of your goods to multiple locations but don’t have the team or the time to deconsolidate a container load or even a pallet, Approved can help with 3PL sorting and segregation (sort & seg) services.

It’s our ability to handle even the smallest and most time-consuming tasks in the supply chain that make Approved the ideal shipping and asset-based 3PL partner for commercial enterprises of all sizes.

Our sort & seg experts can deconsolidate (as well as reconsolidate) inventory by pallet, crate, SKU, brand, or most any distinguishing characteristic, creating and providing all the packing and shipping documentation you may require to track inventory at the warehouse and while in transit.

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Granular tracking of cargo

For customers who need to track and monitor cargo beyond the FCL level, for example, Approved’s sorting and segregation capabilities offer a level of data that can extend to each case on each pallet.

Fully optimizing supply chain management and inventory management — by managing not just at the container level, but as deep as individual SKUs — gives you more visibility and the ability to plan more effectively. Our shipping experts can “dig into the details” at the case or even product levels and give you business-critical information that can help you make real-time changes and impact your bottom line.

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Maximize storage space and storage spend

In a perfect world, warehousing wouldn’t be necessary: you’d make and ship exactly as much of your product as the overall market or individual customer requires, and never have to worry about aging inventory, or about running out of stock of anything.

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But, in every market in the actual world, demand is fluctuating by default, which means if you’re in the business of staying in business, you need inventory on hand to meet a sudden increase in demand, and that means warehousing.

As a leading asset-based 3PL, Approved offers the warehousing and distribution capabilities required to ensure you have inventory when and where you need it. And it’s our ability to sort and segregate that inventory that can create cost-savings in warehousing and distribution.

Pick & Pack Service

Approved also offers a “pick & pack” service to help our customers save space.

By breaking your cargo up into smaller parcels — picking it from pallets or crates and packing it into smaller packages — we can optimize your storage spend by more closely packing individual cases in the warehouse (rather than leaving cargo in half-empty shipping containers). This service also makes it easier to manage inventory by, for example, putting certain SKUs together.

Our goals are 1) to help you better meet your customers’ needs (through improved inventory management, which makes for easier order fulfillment), and 2) ensure you pay only for the storage space you need.

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A custom service

No matter how you may need your cargo sorted and segregated, and how you then require it to be shipped, Approved has the experience, equipment, and teams to make it happen. We will work closely with you to understand the smallest details in your supply chain, and to help you overcome the largest challenges.

Whether you require an FCL to be sorted and segregated into pallets, or pallets sorted into cases — and also whether you require your goods to be shipped, stored, or merely inventoried while en route — we can create a sort and seg plan that meets your business goals.

With Approved as your 3PL partner, you will enjoy a range of services that goes from the most heavy-duty (an ocean liner with hundreds of containers being shipped across the Pacific) to the most hands-on (sort & seg at the case level). There’s no job too big or too small.

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