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Trust the experts at Approved to streamline your logistics, uncover inefficiencies and save you money

Managing the inventory and logistics for a thriving business can be a demanding job. Whether you’re sourcing goods, maintaining inventory levels to stay in step with consumer demand or keeping warehouses stocked with raw materials, managing multiple carriers to move goods and supplies quickly becomes a headache.

Let the experts at Approved handle the logistics so you don’t have to. Our clients rely on us to keep their inventory on shelves and their warehouses supplied. You let us know what needs to go where, and we’ll take care of everything: trucking, ocean freight, final delivery, returns and more. We’ll even help you streamline your supply chain to create new efficiencies and uncover cost savings.

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Creating the efficiencies that save you time and money

When was the last time you took a step back and did a pointed analysis of your transportation usage—and your budget? Our experts at Approved will start by looking at all your activity over the last few years, and we’ll scour it for potential new efficiencies. After all, freight is what we do, and after decades in the business, our experts know how to do it best.

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For example, we moved one client from 40′ containers to 53′ trailers, which cut their number of deliveries significantly and saved them the associated costs. Perhaps a switch to rail transport would save you money. If it’s appropriate for your business and its geography, we’ll look into it.

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Pickup from a supplier, delivery to a distributor

Relying on more than one supplier? No problem: Approved will work with your suppliers, offering pickup services that kick into gear the day your goods are available.

Delivering goods to more than one location or distributor? Approved has the trucks and teams to get all your goods from the ports and warehouses to their final destination on a schedule that works for you.

Not only do our delivery services cover the last mile — they even cover the last few steps of the journey as our team of specialists and partners can provide inside delivery, customized assembly, installation, and debris removal services.

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Specialists in specialized shipments

It’s not just containers and pallets Approved can move from start to finish. In addition to the more standardized means of shipping, we offer expertise in loose cargo, flatbed deliveries, oversized items, and full or partial truckloads.

Our pickup and delivery teams also offer expertise in hotel, office, and medical equipment, as well as FF&E (furniture, fixtures, and equipment), no matter what line of business you may be in or working with.

If you need to ship valuable or fragile cargo, we can help not only in the safe and secure overseas transport of your goods but in the project planning and management that helps ensure peace of mind for you and your customers — before, during, and after the shipment of specialized cargo (specialized shipments are our specialty!).

Don’t lean on one provider for FCL/LCL freight needs, another for drayage, and another for storage or installation. Approved offers a full suite of freight pickup and delivery services to get your goods from start to finish, on time and intact.

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