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Construction Logistics Services

Keeping your supply chain running with maximum efficiency is critical in keeping any construction job running smoothly.

One delayed shipment of construction cargo — be it heavy equipment, raw materials, or even something as simple as a shipment of circular saws or cordless drills — can set a building project back days, weeks, or months. And that’s bad for business.

What’s good for business is to have Approved handle all your construction freight, supply chain management, and logistics needs.

Since 1991, we have partnered with construction companies of all sizes as they put up office buildings, create residential developments, lay roadways, and build all across the globe, always ensuring our construction customers have exactly what they need exactly when and where they need it.

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A construction freight leader for Hawaii, Guam and Beyond

Approved has unequaled experience in serving customers in the construction industry, and has provided every range of service required therein: freight forwarding, logistics, storage, drayage, pickup and delivery, assembly and installation, and even removal and disposal of unwanted equipment or materials.

Our experienced team of supply chain management and freight forwarding professionals will carefully evaluate and customize a solution to maximize productivity and minimize costs throughout the entirety of a construction project’s lifecycle — from planning to quoting, to development and management, through completion.

We provide transportation, inventory management, long term and temporary storage, and a wide range of other services, all tailored to meet the unique needs of a busy construction professional. No matter how specific and time-sensitive your construction freight and logistics needs may be, Approved’s experience in the industry, and the range of services we offer, both help ensure success and can deliver efficiency lifts across the board.

No project is too big or small for Approved

No matter how complex your construction project may be, no matter what kind of equipment you may require or what kind of raw materials are involved in your job, Approved has a freight and logistics solution that can help improve throughput, speed the process, and reduce overall costs.

We can handle home construction projects requiring lumber, windows, roofing, and more. We can transport heavy equipment from a warehouse in Los Angeles to a mountaintop in Hawaii. And we have the teams and trucks and experience required to move oversize loads and machinery as well.

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Competitive pricing, complete service

When you work with Approved, you benefit from a service provider that can handle all of your needs: from shipping construction equipment and other freight, to project management, to reporting, to storage.

Working with one provider throughout the duration of a construction project means a more consistent stream of communication and reporting, which can help you better manage any project from start to finish. It can also mean cost-savings as, for example, handling charges can be reduced and shipments more easily consolidated (which can reduce shipping costs).

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