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End-to-end 3PL solutions for companies of all sizes

Are you paying more for shipping alcohol and spirits than you need to?

Have breakage and shrinkage in alcohol freight been hurting your bottom line?

Does your 3PL partner have the right experience with both the legal requirements and specific packing needs involved in shipping alcohol?

The team at Approved has more than two decades of experience shipping, storing, and distributing wine and spirits, and can help deliver your cargo securely and completely, and drive greater ROI on each shipment.

With our Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) liquor license and our experienced staff, we offer expertise in both understanding and properly addressing the myriad factors at play in alcohol freight — such as temperature, proper wrapping and careful shipping, not to mention the laws, which vary not only from country to country, but from state to state and, in some cases, town to town.

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Don’t trust sensitive cargo like wine and spirits to just anyone. Look for an asset-based 3PL partner that has specific experience in this specific cargo. A partner like Approved.

Wine & Spirits Freight Services
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Competitive rates, custom service

Whether you’re transporting a pallet, a crate, or a full truckload, our wine & spirits transportation services are unmatched in efficiency and cost.

From the very beginning, you’ll be working with an Approved specialist with experience in alcohol freight who will work with you to ensure your shipment is handled correctly and complies with laws on shipping wine and spirits.

Not only do we offer all that’s required to cost-efficiently improve delivery times and better protect your alcohol freight during shipping (according to both best practices and your business needs), but we also offer warehousing, distribution, and customs clearance services. It’s a complete and turnkey solution for all your wine and spirits shipping needs.

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Proper packing of wine & spirits

Shipping wine and spirits requires extra attention right from the start. We will work with you to make sure that your alcohol freight is properly and securely packed.

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If you’re using Approved as your 3PL partner for every step of the way (starting with the initial packing at your point of origin to offloading, storing, and/or distribution at your final destination), you need not worry about a thing: we will take all necessary measures.

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Liquor logistics and the law(s)

Moving wine and spirits across the US or from country to country is both literally a delicate job (i.e., the aforementioned packing) and figuratively a delicate job. There are more laws than we can possibly list on this website, and they change from stateline to stateline, as well as from nation to nation.

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