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Cost-effective asset-based 3PL for transfer of goods across all modes of transport

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End-to-end 3PL solutions for companies of all sizes

It’s rare that any commercial cargo travels by ocean alone. Or by rail alone. Or by the road alone.

One of the most critical — and often costly — steps in modern logistics and worldwide freight is transloading, transferring a shipment from one mode of transportation to another.

But Approved offers turnkey transloading solutions that can reduce both risks and costs in moving cargo between road, rail, air, or sea.

Our team will create a transloading solution unique to your business specifications and help ensure cargo is secure and costs are low.

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Logistical transloading experience

One of the more complex operations in freight shipping and logistics, transloading requires a specific kind of 3PL expertise.

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While on the surface, transloading seems simple (moving cargo from one vehicle or vessel to another), there are myriad complicating factors — such as tariffs, tracking during transfer, complex timing, and overall security from one mode of transport to another — that can present challenges.

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A global solution for a global economy

As more and more companies manufacture, assemble, and distribute goods across multiple countries, saving both time and money during transloading becomes ever more critical.

With Approved as your transloading service provider, you can gain key competitive advantages, such as lowering costs on overall freight, reducing the time your goods spend in transit (and the risks that can accompany a lengthy transit time; e.g., spoilage or damage), optimizing efficiencies across each mode of transport, and more flexible distribution methodologies.

Our global experience — as both part of The DeWitt Companies, and via our international partner network — is a primary reason customers with facilities, personnel, and customers distributed throughout the world choose to work with Approved.

Not only does our team know the most cost-effective routes and modes of transport to use across the continents and oceans, but they also have deep experience in “navigating” customs processes and paperwork (which are often far more difficult to navigate than any shipping routes).

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Central benefits of transloading with Approved

Part of being an award-winning 3PL service provider means delivering value for customers every step of the way:

  • By offering both LCL and FCL shipping, we can create a more custom shipping plan for your goods and help reduce costs.
  • By offering warehousing and distribution services, we can improve inventory management and help customers adjust to seasonality.
  • And through our transloading services, we can offer a level of flexibility in shipping your goods (via various modes of transport) that best supports your business.

We can consolidate and deconsolidate during the transloading process, which can also serve to reduce overall shipping costs.

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