Air freight services
Simplify your global supply chain with faster shipping, plus reduced storage and handling

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Competitive rates, network of global partners

Get your goods delivered at the right time, rather than “just in time.” Approved’s air freight services can help you move cargo quickly to most anywhere in the world. The sky’s the limit at Approved, which means your air transportation options are limitless.

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The cost-saving benefits of Approved air freight

Just like it’s typically cheaper to travel by car than by plane, it’s typically higher to ship by air than ocean or over-the-ground. However, Approved is able to reduce costs for our customers on the back-end: expediting shipping by air can help eliminate the costs of handling and warehousing that are inherent in other means of freight transportation.

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From start (pickup) to finish (delivery)

Approved is part of The DeWitt Companies family, which includes Royal Hawaiian Movers, Royal Alaskan Movers, DeWitt Guam, and DeWitt Worldwide. This means we have teams, equipment, and expertise at your cargo’s point of origin, its final destination, and most all points in-between.

And Approved does far more than simply move your freight on and off an airplane. We will assign a dedicated account manager to address all your business needs, an expert who both understands the ins and outs of air freight and who can also present all available shipping options to ensure your freight needs are addressed as cost-effectively as possible.

We have teams that can come to your cargo’s point of origin and assist with planning, as well as loading and wrapping of cargo, to ensure it’s safe and secure throughout every step of the journey. We have teams that track your cargo throughout shipping and deliver reports back to you. And we have teams that help offload, deliver, assemble, and even install your cargo at its final destination.

Why settle for an air freight services partner that only goes from airport to airport? Approved ensures your cargo goes from door to door.

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Real-time reporting, and more

While time is often the most valued commodity for any commercial organization using air freight services, information and communication are usually close seconds. Approved’s air freight experts and project managers ensure that you always know exactly where your cargo is at any given moment, delivering total transparency in both the planning and transportation stages.

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