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With access to an extensive global network of routes and air freight carriers, Approved can get your cargo wherever it needs to go—fast. Because we’re not tied down by set contracts or allotments, we can deliver the most flexible air freight solutions available. We also offer door-to-door air freight solutions that will save you significant time and hassle.


Fast Delivery, Plus Timelines You
Can Count On

When you need to move cargo quickly—or on a precise timeline—look to
Approved. Our air freight specialists have access to an extensive global
network of routes and carriers. We can help you move cargo anywhere
in the world, with a full menu of air freight speeds and schedules to
choose from.

We can book your air freight cargo at all service levels, including:

  • Air Charter Service
  • Part Charter Service
  • First Flight Out Service
  • Express Air Freight Service
  • Standard Air Freight Service
  • Deferred Air Freight Service
  • Consolidated Air Freight Service

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The Advantages of Air Freight:
Faster Speeds, Reduced Handling

When you’re evaluating your freight services mix, air freight typically emerges as one of the more expensive options. However, that price also comes with several advantages:

Faster transit times and less lead time. If you need to move your cargo quickly, air freight delivers. Compared to FCL or LCL ocean freight shipments, air freight transit times can be significantly shorter. Plus, air freight doesn’t require much lead time. In many cases, you can drop your air freight cargo the day before it departs and pick it up the day after it arrives.

Less handling for delicate shipments. Air cargo is simply touched by fewer parties—and spends less time buffeted by the forces of nature. As a result, handling is minimal. That’s why many manufacturers choose air freight to ship luxury goods that need to arrive in pristine condition.

Precise timelines. While ocean freight transit times can vary by a few days, air freight schedules are much more exact. When there’s no wiggle room in your cargo’s arrival date, consider air freight.

Lower fees. As opposed to other freight modes, which may come with a number of small line-item charges, air freight is subject to a flat $20 handling fee. This can offset some of the higher costs of this freight mode.

By leveraging a network of global partners, Approved has access to a wide variety of routes, schedules, and
carriers to offer you maximum flexibility. Additionally, we can arrange for a door-to-door solution that
eliminates any airport runs on your part. Get started with a free quote today:

Complete Freight Solutions That Save
You Time and Money

When you choose Approved to move your cargo, you get more than
just an air freight solution. Our customers enjoy:

Access to a complete menu of freight services. With one phone call, you’ll be able to arrange your entire freight services mix: air freight, ocean freight, rail freight, and road freight. Many of our clients utilize air freight for their time-sensitive cargo and send additional inventory via ocean freight. Our experts can help you decide on the right freight mix for your business—and your budget.

Door-to-door service to save you time and hassle. We go beyond the typical airport-to-airport air freight scenario to offer you pick-up and delivery services. We’ll handle your air freight from your origin of choice to your destination of choice—all coordinated through your Approved project manager .

Easy and accurate freight monitoring. When it comes to the status of your cargo, our customers get access to a proactive monitoring and reporting service that’s second to none. Plus, your Approved project manager will ensure that you always know exactly where your cargo is at any given moment, delivering total transparency in both the planning and transportation stages.

In-the-moment adjustments for maximum efficiencies. Of course, every shipment starts with proper planning and project management. However, maximizing transportation efficiency often means on-the-fly adjustments. The real-time nature of our reporting practices help our experts monitor your cargo throughout its journey, positioning us to make real-time recommendations to improve both expediency and security.

Discover the Approved difference for yourself. Request a free quote from one of our air freight experts:

Common Questions About Air Freight

What is the difference between air freight and air cargo?

You’ll hear many people in the transportation industry use these terms interchangeably. In fact, both air freight and air cargo are correct terms used to refer to goods that move via plane.

So where does the confusion come from? Some argue that there is a difference between the terms freight and cargo:

Freight refers to a volume of goods transported via truck, train, ship, or plane

In contrast, some believe the word cargo is reserved only for goods that travel via ship or plane. (Think:cargo ship, cargo plane.)

However, practically speaking, you’ll find that the words cargo and freight are often used to refer to goods that move via all modes of transportation

What is considered air freight?
Air freight refers to goods moved via airplane. For example, if a manufacturer pays to send a shipment of purses to Hawaii on a plane for sale in a boutique, that shipment would be considered air freight.

Air freight can also be used to refer to the mode of transportation. For example: The purses were shipped via air freight.

How is air freight shipped?
Air freight is moved by airline carriers, who receive freight at their terminals, load cargo onto their planes, and then fly that freight to another terminal. Once it arrives at its final destination, air freight is unloaded and made available at the destination terminal for pickup.

What is standard air freight?
Standard air freight is an air freight service level that allows you to reserve a spot for your cargo on an upcoming
flight. Standard air freight is middle-of-the road service, in that there are both cheaper (and slower) options, as
well as more expensive (and faster) ones as well.

What types of air freight services are available?
The levels of air freight services you’ll encounter include the following:

Air Charter – The fastest service available, in which you essentially rent an entire aircraft to move only your cargo, on your schedule.

Part Charter – Also a high-priority service in which your agent books space on an already scheduled flight.

First Flight Out – High-priority air freight service in which your cargo moves on the first available flight to your destination.

Express – Priority air freight service. Your cargo moves on the first available flights with the quickest transit time.

Standard – General air freight service. Your shipment will move with relative speed, as compared to other modes of transportation. However, it’s not as expensive as the above options.

Deferred – Lower-cost air freight service, in which your cargo may wait a few days until there’s space available.

Consolidated/”Consol” – The lowest cost air freight available. In the consolidated air freight situation, an agent accumulates air freight headed for a particular destination at its warehouse. Once the agent has put together a full load, it will ship all the cargo to its final destination.

Keep in mind that available services will vary from airline to airline. Additionally, as you’ll notice, when it comes to air freight, you’re always balancing cost and speed. The faster your shipment moves, the more expensive it is, and vice versa.

What are the types of air freight?

Air freight can be divided into general cargo and special cargo

Special cargo are items that require specific packaging, labeling, or handling during transportation. This might be because the goods are hazardous, perishable, temperature-sensitive, etc. Live animals are also considered special cargo.

General cargo refers to everything else—anything that doesn’t require specific handling or labeling procedures.

How much is air freight?
Air freight cost is calculated based on a shipment’s actual weight or its volumetric weight/dimensional weight, whichever is greater. Read more about how air freight is priced, including how to calculate a shipment’s dim weight.

Is air freight more expensive than sea freight?
In most cases, air freight will be more expensive than sea freight/ocean freight. Whenever you’re shipping freight, you’re always balancing speed and cost. Options that move your cargo more quickly (like air freight) are more expensive than those that move at a slower pace (like ocean freight).

If you’d like to price out your air freight, we offer free air freight quotes. Our experts can also help you find the right freight options for your budget and your goals, whether that’s air freight or another mode.

What are the advantages of air freight?
Air freight offers several key advantages for shippers, including:

Fast speeds

Precise timelines

Low fees (a flat $20 fee, in addition to your air freight charges)

Minimal handling

Read more about the advantages of air freight vs. ocean freight.

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