Customers have set the bar high when it comes to responsiveness, especially in today’s competitive retail industry. Air freight shipping is the fastest way to get goods to their destination, but it can also be the most expensive. Air freight service providers like Approved Freight Forwarders can help you easily manage the demand for quick fulfillment and distribution processes while optimizing time and cost efficiencies.


Let’s look at five ways air freight can help retailers and other businesses facing similar challenges

1) Fast delivery of time-sensitive cargo

Air freight gives you flexibility

Air cargo service minimizes unforeseen obstacles and delays. It is ideal for order fulfillment during peak periods, such as holidays, which are a critical time in the retail industry. There are four main options for air shipping, each with different rate structures:

  • Next flight out puts your cargo on the first available departure. “Expedited air,” as it’s also known, is the most costly of the three air-freight options. At Approved, we have the resources to quickly identify the next flight out and make sure your goods are on it.
  • Standard air freight offers speedy transit (as compared to non-air freight options) for less than you’d pay for expedited service.
  • Consolidated air shipments combine your shipment with others for transport at a set time. Consolidation may give you a better chance to negotiate air freight rates.
  • Deferred shipping is a great choice for lower-priority order fulfillment. You save on cost because goods wait for space on a scheduled flight on the third, fourth or fifth business day.

2) Reduces handling and potential damage to fragile products

Be confident your product is safe

Did you know that air cargo shippers have a higher level of training than other shippers? That’s the first plus. Additionally, since air freight is subject to a higher level of safety and security controls, as implemented by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), air cargo shipments have greater protection against theft and damage.

Other ways you can use air cargo shipping to help protect fragile goods:

  • Expedite it. There’s less handling with Next Flight Out vs. consolidation with other packages.
  • Pack it right. Approved offers , including specific suggestions for packing fragile items. We can also pack your items for you – it’s easy and your fragile items are safe.
  • Don’t worry about it. Air cargo services provide small and medium-size exporters with the assurance that their shipments are being handled properly.

3) Minimizes warehouse storage costs for Just-In-Time (JIT) companies

Stop paying for space you don’t need

Air cargo tracking lets you determine when a flight will arrive so you can make arrangements for someone to be there to take delivery. Otherwise, your goods may be stored in a warehouse before or after shipping, adding another cost to your distribution supply chain.

Additionally, given the speed at which air freight moves, you can keep minimal inventory in stock. This can reduce your warehousing costs, free up cash, and minimize the risk of your inventory becoming obsolete in storage.

Air freight offers several other advantages to JIT companies:

  • Air freight shipping provides end-to-end control of valuable items.
  • The timing and frequency of air cargo flights offer the flexibility to ship early or at the last minuteto meet your fulfillment requirements.
  • Approved’s customized shipping plans are designed to ensure that your goods ship and deliver at just the right time.

4) Ensures reliable transit times

Get your goods where they need to go every time

The most efficient way to manage air-freight cargo tracking is to let Approved do it for you. You’ll receive up-to-the-minute notifications, along with access to our online tracking service. Our experts will take a look at your supply chain and help you find opportunities to improve visibility into each shipment, with better reporting over time.

  • You can count on air cargo shipping to arrive without delays, compared to shipping over roads, the ocean, or both. We recommend a streamlined omnichannel shipping strategy – Approved has the carriers you need.
  • Consolidated air shipping allows you to plan efficiently, according to set flight schedules.
  • Pre-negotiated rate guarantees and expedited optionsduring peak times of the year ensure faster deliveries and optimize your shipping process.

5) Service is available to most global locations, even landlocked areas

No matter where it needs to go, your product will be there

These days, retailers can’t afford to overlook the go-anywhere-now flexibility of air freight. Planes can land in even the most remote areas lacking ocean access and good roads. Air freight shipping can open up new markets and enable smaller companies to compete on a global scale.

  • Import and export globallyon a larger scale with air freight. There are only six countries embargoed for air freight: Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, and Venezuela. All other global locations have a green light for air freight.
  • Air cargo is a key part of a strong supply chain strategyfor retailers.
  • Approved backs you up with its years of experience in international shipping.

On-demand responsiveness is here to stay, but managing supply chain logistics doesn’t need to be a burden. Approved Freight Forwarders works with retailers and companies worldwide, making it easy to implement new ways to save time and cut costs.

Want some help leveraging air freight in your business? Reach out for a complimentary consultation. One of our air freight experts would be happy to help you integrate this mode of transportation into your business so you can reap all the advantages.

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