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4 Strategies to Combat Ongoing Supply Chain Challenges in 2021

Although last year’s scramble for household items has mostly passed, supply chain challenges continue to crop up in 2021. The backup at US ports, semiconductor chip shortages, and other supply issues have affected industries across the board. Even national chains like Starbucks and Chick-Fil-A are feeling the pinch.  We’ve seen our customers face several supply chain challenges of their own this year, and we’ve helped them create solutions that kept their businesses moving forward. To share some of these solutions with you, we called on our Approved experts who have been navigating supply chain issues alongside our clients. Below, you’ll find their top tips for surviving the supply chain challenges of 2021.  #1: It Might […]

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Logistics Terms Made Easy: What Is a Freight Forwarder? 

Like many other specialized areas, the logistics and transportation industry has its own set of terminology. In fact, if you’re listening to two logistics pros chat about an upcoming shipment, it might even sound like they’re speaking an entirely different language.   To help you decode the transportation, freight and logistics words you might hear, we dug deep into our glossary of transportation terms and pulled out one common one that causes an uncommon amount of confusion for many: freight forwarder.   We’ll walk you through exactly what a freight forwarder is, what a freight forwarder does, what kind of services a freight forwarder offers and why you might want to use a freight forwarder when you’re shipping […]

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Supply Chain Management: Planning—and Why It’s Critical for Hawaii Businesses

At the heart of every business that delivers a product to its customers, you’ll find its supply chain. Managing your supply chain so that it operates smoothly, efficiently, and cost-effectively is essential to both the health and long-term survival of your organization. When you dive down into the nitty-gritty of supply chain management, it might feel like there are as many models as there are types of businesses. To keep it simple, we like to use the Supply Chain Council’s supply chain operations reference model (SCOR), an industry-standard that breaks down supply chain management into five parts: Plan Source Make Deliver Return In this first […]

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