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Protect Your Shipment from Damage with These 4 Best Practices for Palletized Freight 

Loading your freight onto pallets for ocean, rail and road transport offers you several advantages along your supply chain. In addition to allowing you to move larger quantities of goods more efficiently, standardized pallets also make shipping and storage of your goods simpler for you and your carrier. Finally, because palletized goods can be moved easily by all the links that make up your supply chain, pallets give your freight greater protection—but only when they’re packed and secured properly.   Damaged freight creates significant challenges for your business. Crushed boxes, dented or scratched inventory or, worse, broken parts, can impact your bottom line considerably. They can also upset your customers. Additionally, if these issues are happening with any regularity, they can erode trust between you and your business partners.  At Approved, we inspect every shipment that comes through our warehouse...

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  The plans are finished, the sconces for the hallways are chosen, and the handles on the nightstands match the curve of the headboard. But how are you going to get your carefully curated furniture, fixtures, and equipment to the job site? Where are you going to store it? By including an FF&E Freight Provider in planning from the start, you can ensure your projects are a success. 1. Tour Your Prospective Provider’s Facility If you are looking for a provider, most are going to say they have the space to accommodate your project. Some will do anything to close the deal – including making...

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A Spirit of Giving: The Story of the Balikbayan Box

What is the Balikbayan Box Phenomenon? With today’s order-online approach to gift-giving, you can send a gift to someone without ever seeing the product itself. It can seem a bit impersonal. Not so with the tradition of the balikbayan box. In Tagalog, one of the main languages of the Philippines, “balikbayan” means returning to one’s country. For millions of Filipinos living and working around the world, shipping a balikbayan box to family back home is a way of returning there in spirit.   What is a balikbayan box? It’s a large, easy-to-assemble and sturdy cardboard box filled with all sorts of items destined for loved...

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