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Moving Cargo from Asia to Hawaii? Choose the Right Option for Your Budget

Choosing a freight mode always involves a consideration between speed and cost. When you’re moving cargo from Asia to Hawaii, air freight offers a fast, but pricey solution. Ocean freight offers a more cost-effective avenue—but a much slower one. In this article, we’ll walk through the two options for moving cargo from Asia to Hawaii. Understanding both can help you strike the right balance between cost and speed—and establish a freight mix that keeps your business moving forward while protecting your bottom line. Option #1: Air Freight from Asia to Hawaii Transit Time: 1-2 days Cost: $$$ There’s no question: Air freight is the fastest...

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A Spirit of Giving: The Story of the Balikbayan Box

What is the Balikbayan Box Phenomenon? With today’s order-online approach to gift-giving, you can send a gift to someone without ever seeing the product itself. It can seem a bit impersonal. Not so with the tradition of the balikbayan box. In Tagalog, one of the main languages of the Philippines, “balikbayan” means returning to one’s country. For millions of Filipinos living and working around the world, shipping a balikbayan box to family back home is a way of returning there in spirit.   What is a balikbayan box? It’s a large, easy-to-assemble and sturdy cardboard box filled with all sorts of items destined for loved...

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