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Trade show shipping services shouldn’t cost more than your trade show booth.

But if you’ve ever used whatever freight service a trade show or external event organizer chose for you, chances are the cost of shipping, unpacking, and assembling your booth and materials can sometimes be as much as what you paid for your booth alone.

With expert project managers — versed in the most cost-effective means of trade show and event shipping processes, procedures, and paperwork — Approved lets your marketing and sales teams spend their trade show time focused on the customer instead of the collateral.

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Reduce costs through consolidation and storage

One way our team can immediately help you reduce trade show shipping costs is by helping you find proven and creative ways to consolidate shipments.

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For example, if you thought the only way to get your goods to/from an event was via a shipping container or moving truck, our team can help. We’re experts in lower-cost, more flexible shipping options, such as LCL (less than container load) shipping, which essentially lets you “go along for the ride” with other goods traveling to the same area.

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Events managers shouldn’t have to do the heavy lifting

At most every trade show, “some assembly is required.” Whether it’s a booth, collateral displays, video monitors, or sound systems, there are often heavy lifting, assembly, and installation jobs that require more than just someone who’s handy.

Unless you’re in the construction or shipping business and sending your own laborers, chances are the marketing and sales personnel who will be staffing your booth don’t have the time, expertise, or sheer physicality required to get everything up and running. But Approved can help provide the resources required to prepare your booth for visitors.

And when the show is over, we can step back in, break it all down, wrap and pack your cargo completely and deliver it all back to your home office or on to the next show.

Focus on your customers, enjoy the event: leave the heavy lifting to Approved.

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