Yes. All of our associates have been fully trained and are certified in the handling of hazardous material. We take the handling of hazardous materials very seriously and are completely certified to transport freight of this nature. At this time, we do not handle Class 1 explosives. If you are shipping hazardous materials, you must include a copy of the MSDS with the shipment at the time of delivery. The freight must be properly packaged and labeled to meet all regulations. All hazardous items must be itemized to include:

  • Shipper’s Name
  • Shipper’s Emergency contact name & phone number
  • Emergency Contact file number or name
  • UN Number
  • IMO Proper shipping name
  • Hazardous Class
  • Packaging Group (if applicable)
  • Quantity and packaging type
  • Weight
  • Cubic feet
  • Flash Point (if applicable)
  • Placard

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