Ever had to fly standby? It’s not great. However, for many situations, it is the only solution to get you home to your family. Similar to standby for passenger flights, deferred air freight can be a perfect solution for shippers. By building a schedule that can withstand a few days of extra transit time, shippers get the convenience of air freight, at a fraction of the cost. If your supply chain can afford the slight shift in scheduling, the benefits are hard to beat.


Serious Price Difference

Many shippers are turned off by the steep prices of traditional air freight service levels. Expedited or next-day air is terrific for companies with a vast transportation budget. However, for most small to medium-sized businesses, the high costs of air are daunting.

By choosing deferred air service, a shipper can secure rates which are approximately 40% to 60% cheaper than 2 or 3-day programs. Through acquiring the same top-quality service at a fraction of the price, business owners can boost revenue, and turn a more substantial profit.

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Perfect for Domestic Service

If you are shipping domestically in the United States, deferred air freight is a tremendous tool to have in your arsenal. Furthermore, with hundreds of flights running each day across the Mainland, it is easy for carriers to find space for your shipments. While it might not ship on the next plane out, your goods will still arrive in plenty of time. Even with a delay of a day or two, the speed of air travel will get your goods across the country in 65 – 72 hours. A week from your door to Anywhere, USA is still a speedy timeline when compared to other modes of transportation.

By building lead time into your supply chain deadlines, you can take advantage of deferred air. Therefore, knowing that your goods will make it to its final destination on-time reduces unnecessary stress on your staff. Less time spent tracking and tracing – calling and emailing – will free your team up to win more business.


Break it Down – or Don’t

Choosing deferred air freight can help cut down on precious person-hours. You won’t need to break down your pallets and shipments to meet the size limitations of the next-plane-out. Instead, your air freight providers can wait until they have the space to accommodate your goods. As we’ve covered in previous posts, flexibility for the freight provider means significant savings and benefits for the shipper. As a result, your air freight forwarder can find the best mix of goods to maximize space and revenue. They can be more aggressive with pricing – affording you an economical air freight solution.

Generally speaking, one of the most stressful parts of flying standby as a passenger is the “not knowing.” Not knowing when you’re going to leave, not knowing when you’ll arrive, not knowing if you’ll make those 8 pm dinner plans with the kids. Fortunately for shippers, deferred air freight isn’t the same as hoping you’ll get a cramped seat on the 7:48 to Seattle. As a result, your company can receive the speedy service of air freight, with just a few more days of transit time, at a seriously reduced rate. It’s a great option for anyone wanting to try air freight for their supply chain.


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