Cutting through the noise of the internet can be grueling. Never-ending twitter feeds, countless blog posts on the best dog shoes and Facebook updates from your childhood neighbor Todd distract from discovering meaningful data and ideas. However, the immense amount of information available to anyone with wi-fi or a cellular connection is exhilarating. It can help inform your business strategy and ultimately increase your revenue.

The Approved Freight team spends a lot of time researching in order to develop the best logistics solutions for our clients. We know how difficult it can be to find great and reliable information. We’ve compiled a list of 8 Great Resources for International Shipping. Take a look and start exploring this great wealth of knowledge – Todd’s photos of his new Camaro will be there when you get back.


Inbound Logistics

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Good for: All things supply chain. Seriously, Inbound Logistics has been one of the best resources for logistics news, studies, tips, and research on the supply chain industry for years. Their staff continues to produce great pieces every day and it’s a daily must-read for any logistics professional.

Highlight: Their RFP portal is one of the best resources for companies looking for a new solution. Check out their International Freight RFP/RFI inquiry tool here and start sourcing your next 3PL partner.


Logistics Management

Good for: A great source for white papers and in-depth studies on the state of the transportation and logistics industry. Logistics Management does a fantastic job of exploring issues and ideas that help shippers in any industry.

Highlight: Check out the Global Trade category. Their white paper on “7 Questions Every Shipper Should Ask About Cross-Border Trade” is a can’t miss piece on the state of international shipping.

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Global Trade Magazine

Good for: Want to know the latest news on the Asian trade market? Or maybe you want to understand the trade logistics gaps between developing and developed countries? Global Trade Magazine helps readers gain clarity on the complex world of international logistics.

Highlight: Their podcast series “Logistically Speaking” highlights the careers, stories, and expertise of many logistics industry leaders. Have a listen to Episode #108 to hear Approved Freight’s Randy Tutor talk growing up in Memphis and the path that brought him to Approved Freight; where he helps solve the toughest supply chain problems for shippers.


Supply Chain Dive

Good for: Relatively new on the logistics trade publication scene, Supply Chain Dive offers consistent and timely content. From freight to procurement, operations to technology, SCD covers breaking news for supply chains around the world.

Highlight: Supply Chain Dive’s library is chock-full of studies, research, and data for shippers and logistics professionals. This is an invaluable resource for new projects, forays into new markets, and optimization of your supply chain. Check it out here and be sure to bookmark for easy access. It will help you look like a rock star at your next planning meeting.


Supply Chain Brain

Good for: Similar to the rest of the list so far, Supply Chain Brain doesn’t focus on any particular niche of the logistics market. Instead, they offer quality work for just about everything.

Highlight: What sets Supply Chain Brain apart is their convenient categorization of articles by industry. If you are in the automotive, healthcare, or food & beverage industries, you can use their drop down menu to select your interest. Cut through the noise and get exactly what you are looking for – quickly.



Good for: Here is the first truly specialized publication on our list of resources for International freight shipping. MarineLink focuses exclusively on the ocean freight and shipping industry. Offering news and editorials on everything from government policy to shipbuilding, MarineLink is a great go-to for shippers and logistics industry professionals.

Highlight: Their  “Laws & Regulations” news page is an invaluable resource. The Approved Freight experts use it to stay current on international shipping policy knowledge.


Wall Street Journal – Real Time Economics

Good for: As one of the most recognizable brands in the journalism sphere the Wall Street Journal is a deep well of news for the international freight world. Although it might not be an obvious choice, logistics professionals can find useful tips and ideas from the economic news juggernaut.

Highlight: The WSJ’s Real Time Economics Blog is the perfect wellspring for international shipping news and data. Each day new stories are posted, which illuminate the murky and often complicated world of global supply chain management.


Reuters – Business

Good for:  Another key influencer in journalism, Reuters offers professionals from any industry valuable insight into the global economy. Learn about the latest in tariffs, watch exclusive videos with entrepreneurs and elite business minds, and learn which world economies are on the rise.

Highlight: The Reuters Finance page has a simplistic design which helps you find the best articles quickly. Their global markets category delivers thoughtful content for anyone in the international shipping world.



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