Approved is always looking for ways to improve and provide better service to our customers. Troy Plotkin, Director of Operations, is leading the way with a number of new initiatives.

Troy joined the Approved family, or ‘Ohana, in 2015. The company was growing and management recognized the need for change. As Troy puts it, “We put new miles on the bus but never took the old ones off. We needed to capitalize on what we had.” By taking full advantage of our systems’ features, Approved has improved visibility, consistency and predictability. “Especially for smaller customers, costs are key. We need to offer competitive pricing.”

“We want to make sure our employees have everything they need to do their jobs.”

Troy says one of the most successful changes has been the implementation of shadow boards, a tool used in “Lean” manufacturing. One of several shadow boards strategically positioned at Approved.“We want to make sure our employees have everything they need to do their jobs. No one wants to spend 45 minutes looking for a forklift or a broom.”

To help everyone reach their goals on a steadier basis, Troy initiated the use of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to measure daily and long-term targets. TV monitors in the various departments display the results, so everyone can stay informed and see how they’re doing. “When we all achieve our goals, we’re all happy. When we don’t, we know we have work to do,” he says.

One of the KPI boards posted throughout the City of Industry terminal.

When it comes to process improvement, Troy is the right man for the job. Experienced in training, management, and troubleshooting, Troy has worked for multiple Fortune 500 companies in everything from manufacturing and logistics to global shipping.

“No one wants to spend 45 minutes looking for a forklift or a broom.”

An admitted high achiever and multi-tasker, Troy lettered in multiple varsity sports in high school. Growing up in Southern California, Troy often made his way down to the beach miles away. His mother, a bus driver, made sure the other drivers with coastal routes kept an eye out for Troy. He compares the way the community always watched out for him to the practices embodied in the Approved ‘Ohana concept.

Looking Forward with Approved

What’s next for Approved? Troy cites plans to expand services to include airfreight, as well as increased international shipping and motor carrier services. This year, Approved is addressing the need for new tracking technologies to keep customers updated in real time.

At Approved, we’re always looking forward! As Troy points out, implementing these changes enables us to offer you better services at more competitive prices. Questions about what we can do for you? Contact us today.

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