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International Freight

International Expertise. Flexible Solutions. Responsive Service.

When you choose Approved for your international freight needs, you don’t just get a freight forwarder. You get a partner—one who’s committed to creating a custom solution to move your shipment from origin to destination, on the right timeline and within your budget.

Whether you want to access air, ocean, road, rail or intermodal routes, we can handle everything in a single phone call. We work with:

  • Growing businesses looking to export goods to international marketplaces or import goods from abroad.
  • Individuals and families who want to move household goods to international destinations.
  • Government entities like FEMA and the U.N. who need to move materials to international destination countries.

As we move your items across the globe, we’ll leverage our deep network of worldwide agents, many of whom we’ve been working with for 20+ years. Together, we have the experience, expertise and connections to get your goods exactly where they need to go.

Options to Fit All Budgets and All Timelines

If you need to move your items ASAP, we’ve got a solution. If you’re looking for budget-friendly options, we’ve got those, too. We’ll help you balance cost considerations against timetables to find the best shipping solution for your budget.

Additionally, our experience, established relationships and consolidation capabilities mean that we can offer creative solutions many other forwarders can’t. We’re committed to delivering the options that deliver the best value for your money.

Our international freight services include:

  • Air freight
  • Ocean freight
  • Trucking
  • Rail
  • Multi-modal transportation solutions for door-to-door service

We also can help you avoid the #1 cause behind international freight delays: customs problems. We’ll work with you to get all the right paperwork in order, such as commercial invoices and packing lists. If your destination country requires legalized documents, we’ll help you secure them. We can even help you save money by facilitating a carnet so you don’t have to pay for goods you’re importing or exporting temporarily, such as trade show samples.

From Origin All the Way to Destination in One Phone Call

All freight forwarders are not created the same. Many offer limited routes and partway solutions that leave you to arrange for some of your own pickups and deliveries.

At Approved, we’re committed to going the extra mile. We love uncovering creative end-to-end solutions that make international freight simple for you. You tell us your origin, your destination and your requirements. We’ll make it happen.

For commercial shipments, we can even work directly with your suppliers to move goods to their destinations. Bring us your challenges and questions. We have the answers.

Responsive and Personalized Communication, Every Step of the Way

Tracking your shipment starts with access to our online dashboard for up-to-the-minute updates—but it doesn’t end there.

You can count on us to reach out with personalized updates every step of the way. If winter storms are poised to impact your delivery date, you’ll hear from us before the storm breaks. We believe that superior customer service requires follow through, and we’ll be with you until your goods arrive at their final destination.

Start Your Quote Today

Let us put together a custom solution for your international freight needs, one that’s tailored to your timeline and budget. Get in touch with us. We’ll show you the difference that a flexible and responsive freight forwarder can make.