Sending Totes to Hawaii

You have made the investment in reusable packaging and gained the broad benefits.  Have you considered expanding those programs in a closed loop approach to your Hawaii supply chain? Retail/Industrial space is tight and comes at a premium in Hawaii.  Combining your reusable tote program with our twice weekly westbound and weekly eastbound shipping schedules simply works better in Hawaii.

We know because:

  • We are currently operating successful closed loop solutions for large retailers
  • We have statewide presence with terminals and trucks on Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Hawaii
  • We bring totes and returns back to the west coast on a weekly basis.

Approved Forwarders is committed to providing timely and cost effective supply chain solutions so please give us an opportunity to discuss how we could build a successful program for your company.  Please see the top navigation for more information about our services an solutions.