How Freight Forwarders Help Solve Business Problems,
Not Just Logistical Ones

Custom content for Approved Freight Forwarders by Supply Chain Dive’s Brand Studio

Navigating the shipping industry is more complex than ever, thanks to growing disruption from forces such as just-in-time manufacturing and delivery and new options from transportation providers.

These forces pose challenges and opportunities for manufacturers, retailers and other companies that ship products around the globe. This can get confusing even for companies with long experience in shipping and supply chain, and it can be daunting to determine the best ways to ship your products.

How can companies learn to anticipate hidden fees and surcharges, unexpected new contract terms, or the effects of packaging options on shipping costs? How can they gain transparency into a shipping process, including all the agents involved and what they do, so they can better evaluate the likely ripple effects of various options? How can they grasp unique considerations of specific shipping lanes and apply those lessons more broadly across their supply chain? Such matters require a broader perspective on shipping than most companies achieve. Without this perspective, though, the risk of strategic and tactical errors grows.

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