Be Ohana - Be Family - Approved's Executive Staff

Approved Freight has 3 core values which we apply to our business approach each and every day.

  • Care About Our Customers
  • Manage Our Business Everyday
  • Build a World-Class Organization

Each of these cornerstones is built upon key elements which help us strive to be the strongest team of logistics experts possible. One of the fundamental pieces of building a world-class organization is our endeavor to be ‘Ohana.

On the surface, our strong unity seems impossible; geography, ethnicity, culture — all impediments too great to build a true bond. But the Approved work ‘Ohana is firmly rooted in a common goal: an undeniable passion for the transportation industry, and an unwavering commitment to building a ‘world-class organization.’

In an effort to begin sharing our work ‘Ohana with the world, we would like to highlight our Executive Management Staff. Each and every day Approved strives to strengthen the tradition and spirit of ‘Ohana…


Eric Zybura

Chief Executive Officer

Eric’s hometown of Denver, CO offers something different every day. The landscapes and scenery, sports and recreation, rural or city events — even throw in the unpredictable weather — all offer new experiences time and time again. Sounds like the transportation industry!

Both of his parents are strong influences on his professional mindset. His mother, a tennis pro, helped develop his passion for sports and his competitive spirit. His father, an engineer, opened Eric’s eyes to the limitless possibilities when one applies hard work and energy.

His 26 years in our ‘constant, frenetic and boundless’ industry were kicked-off with a role as a “Git it Done” man, for our moving and storage operations in Guam (DeWitt Transportation Services). Keeping complex things simple, and demanding responsiveness in himself and his team, has built an openness in the Approved ‘Ohana that is unmatched.

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Randy Caravalho


When he began his career in transportation as a dock and hub supervisor for UPS, Randy had only seen the beauty and rich culture of Hawaii on shows like the Brady Bunch and Hawaii Five-0. Now 37 years later — and counting — he is a true expert in this highly specialized market.

Randy grew up in the industrial hub of Worcester, MA (the second largest city in New England). Gritty, blue-collar and uniquely beautiful, Worcester is a bastion of hardworking men and women. Randy’s father — who “is still the hardest working man he has ever met” — toiled long hours to provide for his family. Now at the forefront of the transportation world, Randy is motivated by the need to feed his own family — including the Approved ‘Ohana!

The humble beginnings of his childhood in Worcester, MA, and his Portuguese father, leaves him comfortable with not trying to be the ‘smartest person in the room.’ He navigates life with a positive attitude and a ‘failure is not an option’ perspective; which he inspires in our team.

He also likes Boston sports. A lot. Next time you see him, ask him to name the 1963 Red Sox starting lineup — and the batting average of each.

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Randy Tutor

Vice President

Director of Sales

Born and raised in Memphis, TN, Randy has been in the transportation industry for 40 years. This longevity is his key motivating factor; being able to use his experience in a collaborative approach to management.

His open-mindedness, patience, and willingness to share and teach promote a positive atmosphere, which allows the Approved ‘Ohana to thrive. Randy draws inspiration from all facets of his life; and the studies of quality gurus, Deming, Shewhart and Juran are in the forefront of his broad understanding of business.

In addition to knowing the industry inside and out — he can teach you a thing or two on the Beatles, the San Diego Chargers, or why Memphis is “home to the finest pork barbecue in the land.”

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Troy Plotkin

Director of Operations

Growing up seeing the strong work ethic of Troy’s father deeply ingrained in him an unflagging drive for improvement. Even now, his father’s ability to do “a little extra” each and every day, challenges Troy to consistently learn new skills.

Troy has 26 years in freight, warehousing, 3PLs and distribution for Fortune 500 companies. Since joining Approved in 2014, he has brought the knowledge and expertise learned from these organizations to our strategies. His willingness to “get dirty” and routinely challenge operations and individuals is an invaluable piece to the puzzle of becoming a “world-class organization.”

“Once you develop the mindset that you know everything this industry has to offer; it is time to get out!”

His strong devotion to his family carries over to the Approved ‘Ohana. As a mentor, problem solver, or motivator he is ardently committed to betterment in this constantly changing industry.

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Randy C., Eric, Troy and Randy T. fill roles much larger than even their executive titles suggest. On a daily basis, each works in his own way, to inspire bonds which are stronger than paychecks. The Approved ‘Ohana is dedicated to the transportation industry — but most importantly, we are dedicated to one another.

The Approved Team is hard at work creating fresh approaches to the world of logistics and supply chain management. If you would like to stay up to date on our innovation and learn more about our ‘Ohana — subscribe to our blog!